What is Article Marketing SEO?

Your first question is probably going to be just what is article marketing anyway?

Article marketing involves businesses writing short articles about their business, their staff, what they do, how they do it, why they do it, where they do it, or their field of expertise.

A good example of offline article marketing would be if a tax firm provided an article to a newspaper that was on a timely topic (tax audits for example) during the tax season.

If the newspaper publishes the article, they will provide the business’s name as well as their contact information. The business has informed the public about something that’s useful to them, and also given them a way to find out more information.

Online article marketing is a bit less straightforward than offline article marketing because how we need to add in the SEO (search engine optimization) aspect of the equation.  Search engine optimization techniques are techniques that are used to attract the attention of search engine crawlers (also known as spiders).  Search engine rankings are based on what the crawlers/spiders find on web pages.

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Types of SEO Techniques

There are basically two types of SEO techniques. They are known as black hat techniques and white hat SEO techniques.

You should avoid using the black hat SEO techniques because although they may work at first, sooner or later the search engines will catch on to what you are doing and you will be penalized for using these unethical SEO methods.

Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing (also known as long lists of keywords with no other content), doorway pages (pages that the searcher will never see because they are created solely to fool the search engine spiders), false complaints about competitors’ copyright violations in order to push down their search engine rankings, url cloaking (hiding the real url by redirecting through another site or redirection service), automatic content generators, or the use of invisible text (keywords in white on a white background is an example of this black hat technique).

White hat techniques are ethical methods that are used to attract the attention of the crawlers and spiders.  The main white hat technique is to simply produce well-written content. One thing you need to be careful of when producing content is duplicate content and there are several websites that you can use to check your work for even accidental copying.

There is a free site that is called Plagium, and a paid site known as Copyscape (minimum membership fee is $4.95 per month but it’s a great investment if you’re going to do SEO properly).  Another good tool for SEO is a search engine simulator; these simulators will show you how your pages, articles, and other content will look when viewed by a search engine spider.

One very basic tool that is extremely important when doing SEO is the use of tags. Tags should relate to the content in your articles and on your web pages. Tags help determine the ranking of your content on search engine pages.

Article SEO Marketing

Articles that are optimized for SEO should help you get as many high page rank backlinks as possible.  Simply submitting your articles to a directory will give you some backlinks, but they aren’t necessarily going to be the high page rank backlinks that will help your business thrive and grow.

If you’re writing articles for directories, the optimum length is about 300 words.  But if you’re writing articles for webmasters, you’ll need to extend the length to about 750-1000 words. Don’t just put in 400-700 words of filler either; your articles will need to be informative and entertaining to keep the attention of your target market.  Remember to use your keyword as many times as you can – but don’t use it at the expense of article quality and readability. You’re writing for a real audience now, not a directory or a search engine spider.

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The anchor text is extremely important in article SEO marketing, because it tells the search engine spider and your readers where to find more information about your site (not necessarily your article). An example of anchor text is if you are going to be linking to an Amazon product page, use this type of link Amazon Kindle Fire HD. If you click that link, it will take you directly to the sales page for that product.

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