Top Five Software Tools for SEO

According to the site Link Assistant, the top five software tools for SEO (search engine optimization) are SEO PowerSuite, WebCEO, IBP (Internet Business Promoter), SEO Elite, and Market Samurai.

Link Assistant used for tests to rank these software packages, and they also provide a comparison of the features found in each of the packages.

These tests and comparisons are much too detailed to include here, but if you’re interested simply searching Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another reputable search engine for ‘compare SEO software.’

Link Assistant should be one of the top three non-paid results (usually, the first three results for any search are paid results).  Link Assistant also ranked Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) and SEOMoz, but these two software packages aren’t in their top five.


Another site that ranks SEO software is called SEO Software Review and they rank by price as well as an overall rating that depends on several different factors.

They review nine software packages (WebCEO, Advanced Web Ranking, IBP, SEO Suite, SEO Toolkit, SEO Studio, SEO PowerSuite, SEO Administrator, and Web Position) and rate them on seven different criteria including supported operating systems, help and support, submission tools, keyword research and analysis, competitor analysis, performance reporting, and link building & management.

Again, their comparisons are extremely detailed and simply too long to include in this article, but if you search one more time for ‘compare SEO software’ SEO Software Review will be in the top 3 natural or organic results (when I searched Google for ‘compare SEO software’ Link Assistant was the first organic result with SEO Software Review in second place).

What if I Don’t Want to Buy the Software?

SEO review software can range in price from under $160.00 for SEO Studio to nearly $500.00 for WebCEO, IBP, WebPosition, or SEO Toolkit, so it’s understandable that marketers who are new to SEO aren’t willing to shell out that much money and not know exactly what the software does.

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Some of the software providers do have a free trial period or even allow free use before purchase.

Web CEO offers a 15 day free trial, IBP offers a very limited free trial period, Market Samurai has a 12 day free trial, AWR offers a 30 day trial period, SEO PowerSuite provides a free trial, and SEOMoz also has a 30 day free trial period but a valid credit card number is required.

SEO Elite doesn’t have any free versions or trial versions of their software, but it’s also in the middle of the pack in terms of cost ($249.95). 

What if I use a MAC or Linux Rather Than Windows?

All of the software mentioned above runs well on PCs, but SEO PowerSuite is the only one that was tested using a MAC and/or Linux.  SEO PowerSuite runs with no restrictions on MAC OS X and Linux. Check with the manufacturers of the other software packages for any restrictions or problems if you are using a MAC or Linux operating system.

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