What are Optimization Techniques?

Optimization Techniques are simply techniques that are used to make a website, content, or web page as search-engine friendly as possible.

Search engine crawlers (also known as spiders) don’t see your content, webpages, or websites in the same way that human eyes will, but you still have to walk a fine line between appealing only to the crawlers or only to humans.

Crawlers don’t buy product, or download the software you are selling (or reselling), or sign up for your opportunities, but they do help you with indexing your content into the search engine results.

The higher placed your results are, the more likely you are to get traffic that will be interested in what you are offering.

What are the Categories of Optimization Techniques?

There are two basic broad categories of optimization techniques. Those two categories are black hat techniques and white hat techniques.  It is strongly recommended that you don’t use the black hat techniques even though they may be successful and helpful at first.  Once the search engines catch on to what you doing (and they will catch on sooner or later) your results indexing will suffer; in some cases, your results may not even show up at all after the search engines twig to your underhanded techniques.

What are the black hat techniques that are most commonly used?  They are keyword stuffing, doorway pages, invisible text, automatic content generators, URL cloaking, or filing false copyright infringement complaints against your competition for the sole purpose of driving down their search engine rankings.

seo optimization techniques

The other more reputable techniques that are used in SEO refer to white hat techniques. The first technique you should use is simply providing well-written, unique content.  Another common white hat technique is duplicate content detectors. Copyscape is an excellent (but not free) option for making sure that none of your content has been copied (even accidentally). If you can’t afford Copyscape (their fee is $0.05 per search), Plagium is a free site that is good at determining if your content has been copied.

optimization techniques

Another couple of SEO techniques that are good ones to use are search engine simulators and tags. Search engine simulators will show you how your pages, content, articles, and websites will appear to an actual search engine crawler.  Most crawlers don’t see flash, images or content that has been generated using javascript so the search engine simulator allows you to see exactly what the crawler does see.

Tags are words that relate to your content. For example, the tags that would be good for this article would be optimization, SEO, search engine optimization, content, search engine crawlers, and similar words found throughout the article. It wouldn’t make sense to use non-related keywords such as cats, deer, duck hunting, or other words that just don’t appear in the article or have nothing to do with it.

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