What is Twitter SEO?

The two questions you might have are what Twitter is and what is SEO?

Twitter is a social media site that allows you to tweet short status updates (limit of 140 characters including spaces) to people who follow you.

SEO is short for search engine optimization, and refers to the practice of using certain techniques when writing articles or blog posts or otherwise creating content for your websites or web pages.

These techniques are used to attract the attention of search engine crawlers (also known as spiders).

These search engine crawlers ‘crawl’ your page for relevant content and links, and what they find (if you’ve done it right) will rank your pages, articles, blog posts, or content higher in reputable search engine results.

How to Use Twitter Effectively in Your SEO Campaigns 

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Twitter SEO involves branding, or making sure that your content is recognized as being uniquely yours.  Your first step in branding yourself on Twitter should be a unique (but not cutesy or X-rated) username.

Your username should reflect the goods or services that your company provides. The people who follow you may retweet your tweets to people who’ve never heard of you, so those third parties need to be able to quickly figure out what you’re offering them.

The next step in using Twitter in your SEO campaign is to link your website to your Twitter profile. Make your Twitter bio relevant to your website, and point the link(s) to relevant pages of your website that may lead to higher conversions (sales, click throughs, downloads, or whatever action you’d like your visitors to take)

Add relevant links to your Twitter posts.  This is particularly helpful now that Google is displaying tweets on SERPS (search engine results pages).  Adding a relevant link to a Twitter post can give you a wider audience for your website than just your Twitter followers.

Use Hash Tags in your tweets.  Hash Tags are a Twitter feature that works by organizing your information; they also help determine what is trending (aka hot) on Twitter.

If you mention other Twitter users in your tweets, be sure to add a @ before their username. The @ effectively acts like a retweet without the work of actually retweeting.  While we’re talking about retweeting, another technique to use is to retweet the relevant tweets of other users in your niche. This allows you to help others and gives your followers a choice of links to view.

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Spread your tweets out throughout the day or week.  Tweeting all of your content at the same time or in rapid sequence will irritate your followers, and irritated followers may choose to unfollow you.  In addition, the important parts of your messages will get lost if you tweet repeatedly within a short time.

Tweet your blog if you have one.  Your blog is where you can give your followers more information about the tweets you are sending. Add a Twitter button to your blog, articles, or websites as well.

I’m Bharath, am 26 years old Indian based blogger. I’m addicted to Facebook and Twitter and a devotee of web designing. At the start, my enthusiasm was not blogging, but now it is my life and I blog concerning all stuff in the world like technology, Mobile, Facebook, and the amazing world of Android. You can follow me on Twitter @Bharath.

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