What is Off Page SEO?

Off page SEO are the SEO activities that you can use off of your actual site to improve the sites’ search engine rankings.

The major off page SEO technique is building up additional links to your site and your content.

The more links you have, the higher your page rank will be and the better your search engine rankings will be.

Quality, not Quantity

Links are very important in improving your page rank and your search engine rankings.  However, you need to think about the quality of your links rather than the quantity. A poor-quality link (the one that comes from a low quality site) will have little or no impact on your page rank or on your search engine results rankings.

The best quality links are those that come from trusted sources.  Now you are probably wondering what a trusted source for these links might be.

off page seo

Here is a great rule of thumb to use when engaging in off page SEO:  if you can get your links from universities, newspapers, or even from some of the already existing top-notch directories (such as Yahoo and dmoz), these will be good quality links that can improve both your page rank and your search engine rankings.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when you are looking at websites or web pages for possible links

1)      Is the site or page I am looking at relevant to my website or page? Does the website or webpage does the same thing I do or a similar thing?

2)      Is the site or page I am looking at linking out to low-quality and/or off-topic sites?

3)      Is this site or page going to send me the right sort of traffic?

4)      Does this site or page already rank well in terms of search engine results?

5)      Does this page or site has a lot of links from other websites already?

Another important factor to consider when looking for sites to link to is the way in which they will be linking to you. Sites that use ‘no-follow’ tags or redirects as their links will not help you.

off page seo

Search engines look at the actual text that links to your content, so you also need a site or page that will use a specific phrase (of your choosing) in either the text or the ALT text/tag of the link. If you have this type of link, then it will help you rank higher with the search engines.  For example, if you are trying to improve your rank for bottled water, the other site should use ‘bottled water’ as part of the text for your link or as part of the ALT tag for your link.

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